Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas

Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas. 5 ideas to get the best from your stove

Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas

Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas. The importance of creating the right ambience

The presence of a fire in a room is an attraction in itself. The light, the colour, the movement of the flame immediately create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. However, the stove or the fireplace won’t be on for some months of the year and choosing a bulky item that may not go with the rest of the room’s interior might be a little risky.

The fireplace, though, because of its endless cladding options, does not pose this problem at all: it easily blends in with any setting. And even the stove can be turned into a piece of furniture when carefully chosen for its design, materials and colours. Let’s see how you can get the best from discreet, minimal models with easy ideas to enhance the design of the stove itself and blend it with the rest of the room.



One interesting solution is to create a sort of backdrop for the stove that welcomes it and highlights its design, by covering the wall with exposed bricks, split stone or river pebbles.

The design of the stone wall at the back blends in with the painted steel pellet stove (Maggie). Maggie is a ductable stove that can convey warm air to other rooms.


  1. Mcz Suite wood pellet stovePAINT THE WALL THE SAME COLOUR AS THE STOVE

Far from being a lazy choice, the “tone-on-tone” effect, with a wall painted in the same finish as the stove, is smooth, reassuring and elegant.

The Suite 2.0 pellet stove made with bordeaux ceramic is used in a cosy reading corner with a retro feel. Suite 2.0 can convey warm air into several other rooms and controls three independent fans.


Building a stove or fireplace into a wall can have a very impressive effect. But free-standing or free-installation models are not suitable for this: we need pellet fireplaces or inserts. These products are stoves designed to be built directly into the wall and be flush with its surface, creating an extremely elegant effect.

The Vivo 85 Hydro pellet fireplace is the feature in a wall of fireproof plasterboard covered with decapé oak boards. Vivo 85 Hydro is connected to the radiators and is ideal for heating the entire house.

  1. Mcz Cute Wood Pellet StoveINSTALL THE STOVE IN A RECESS

Some stove models are specifically designed to be inserted into a recess and provide a very discreet furnishing solution for corridors or narrow areas. In this case, it is important to check the smoke outlet, which should be at the top, to avoid ‘wasting’ the space at the back with piping.

The small Cute pellet stove has been inserted in the recess of an old fireplace that was no longer working by using the old chimney. It is just 80 cm high and 60 cm wide.

  1. Mcz Philo wood pellet stovePLACE A BOOKSHELF AROUND THE STOVE

Installing a stove in a bookcase wall unit is certainly a decorative solution, but also a very practical one, especially when you have a limited amount of space. You need to ensure a certain distance between the stove itself and the books, especially if the bookcase is made of wood.

The Philo pellet stove is just 28 cm deep and is the only one on the market with three different adjustable air flows (high, front, side).


Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas
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Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas
Mcz Stoves 5 Interior Design Ideas to make your house a home using Mcz Wood Pellet stoves.
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