Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends for 2016 – which one will be seen in your Home?

Home is where the heart is! A place of residence where one is most comfortable.

Home is wherever we are. It connects us to our past, our present and our future.

Home is where we can enjoy playtime and we can plan for our futures. Noisy, quiet, lively or tranquil…..

Welcome Home!

Interior Design Trends 2016: Serene & Simple Style

Interior Design Trends 2016 MCZ Pellet Cap

MCZ Cap Wood Pellet Stove

As modern life has become more hectic, our homes have become a place of refuge. With the focus on simplicity and serenity 2016 interiors reflect our need to switch off and detox.

What better way to reclaim the heart of our homes than by assembling in front of the hearth. Deep within each of us we all crave the simple childhood pleasures of life. We value family and customs.

Renew those pleasures once more by installing an MCZ Cap Pellet Stove. Thanks to the simplistic and minimal design features of this stove you can watch those flames flicker once again.

Cap’s flame is large and pleasing and is pellet fuelled. The result is similar to that of the flame of a real wood-burning fireplace.

Using warm neutral colours in your home will help evoke a quiet and serene atmosphere. An infused brown palette will be an excellent choice. Try shades of coffee, chocolate or fawn.

Interior Design Trends 2016: Minimalism & Living With Less

Interior Design Trends 2016 MCZ Flair Wood Pellet Stove

MCZ Flair Wood Pellet Stove

Less is More!

Nowadays people want their spaces to feel Zen so they are decluttering, getting rid of junk and living with less.

It is all about comfort, tradition, and valuing the home. It’s much less about show and more about the importance of every day rituals. The small details matter.

MCZ understand minimalism and simplicity. They have produced a range of Pellet Stoves to work in small confined spaces.

MCZ Flair Pellet Stove Stove  is an excellent choice for the minimalist home.  It is both economic to run and friendly to the environment.

If you wish to keep your interiors understated choose cool grey colours.  A neutral palette with bluish smokey undertones will have a tranquil effect.

Interior Design Trends 2016: Hygge

Interior Design Trends 2016 MCZ Club Wood Pellet Stove

MCZ Club Wood Pellet Stove

The Danish concept of “Hygge” is now quite popular. This is a trend which is set to continue throughout 2016.

Loosely translated “Hygge” promotes spending time with family and friends, enjoying the simple life together in warm and welcoming interiors.

Sitting around a fire reminiscing with family and friends is many people’s idea of a perfect evening. When it’s cold, wet and wintry outside why not gather around MCZ’s Club Pellet Stove.

Using MCZ advanced technology the flame appears in less than three minutes. Remote control with room thermostat comes as standard. It couldn’t be easier.

To enhance the feeling of minimalism and simplicity try using a palette of creamy, buttery naturals or clean white tones.

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Interior Design Trends 2016
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Interior Design Trends 2016
Ideas on how to use Wood Pellet Stoves to enhance your Home Interiors for 2016
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