MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove

MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove

MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove is a modern style stove.  It is  made of steel with ceramic top and sides. It is available in the following colours, Bordeaux, White, Black.

The MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove is available in the HYDRO-AIR version.   So firstly the wood pellet stove heats the room in which the stove is installed. This is due to forced ventilation.  Secondly the stove heats the water in the radiators.  The MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove heating is set by the user.

MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove Product feed-back

It is a great thing to be able to choose whether to give all the heat to the system water, or to send a few kilowatts to the room fans. To give an example, when it gets very cold, we can turn the fan on to quickly heat up the living room. – Elisabetta Campello. Read more onyourFire

MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove Benefits

Easy to use. This stove can be managed with a control panel. This is found on top of the stove. It comes with easy and intuitive functions, suited to those preferring a truly simple solution.

 It can be managed with smartphone and tablet also.  Via a dedicated application (App), you can manage and program the stove even from a smartphone or a tablet: 100% comfort inside the house or when you’re away. The application requires an accessory kit and can operate via a text message (GPRS system) or via Wi-Fi.

MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove  Technical Data.

  • Nominal output power                                22.30 kW.
    Minimum output power                              4.40 kW.
  • (Max) nominal output power (H2O)         18.00 kW.
  • Efficiency at Max                                         92.50 %.
  • Hopper capacity                                           44.00 lt.
  • Pellet hourly consumption (Min)               90 kg/h.
  • Pellet hourly consumption (Max)              4.90 kg/h.
  • Autonomy (Min)                                           28.00 h.
  • Autonomy (Max)                                          5.00 h.
  • Heatable volume                                           550m³ (*).
  • Smoke outlet                                                  8 cm.
  • Net weight                                                      190 kg.
  • Temperature of exaust smoke at                Max 160 ºC.
  • Mass of smoke                                                12.6 g/s.

MCZ Duo Wood Pellet Stove  Further Information.

Please visit  wood pellet stoves to see the full range of stoves available.

For further details please  contact acorn renewables ltd, or give the team a call on + 44 7516228382

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