Black and White – Interior Inspirations

Black and White – Interior Inspirations

Black and White whether on its own or together, makes a bold statement. A classic colour combination suitable for every room in your home.

Other colour schemes come and go. Interior design trends alter, but this timeless duo endures.

Bringing a sense of sophistication and refined elegance, this striking color palette is easy to work with.

Black and White – Living Rooms

In the Living Room this monochromatic colour scheme always looks smart and stylish. Add flashes of a bright accent colour that’s quick and easy to change as the mood takes you. Swap a few accessories for a different look. From fresh flowers to colorful throw pillows, you can play with an array of accents once you have the right backdrop!

Black and White – Kitchens

The black and white kitchen is a classic that is seldom ‘out of style’ making it an ideal choice for those who are not keen on changing the look of their home every year or two. This strong graphic color scheme serves all styles, from traditional to modern and contemporary.

Black and White – Bedrooms

There’s something intriguing about this particular colour combination in the bedroom. The contrast makes it interesting, and the simplicity makes it soothing and serene. Stylish and trendy the modern bedroom is the ideal place to express your true design style.

Black and White wood Pellet StovesBlack and White – MCZ Wood Pellet Stove Inspiration

MCZ are one of the leading suppliers of wood pellet stoves for the home. At the forefront of modern contemporary design, they have been producing stoves since 1995.

Inspiration for their latest collection of stoves comes from the historic heritage of Nordic design. Known for its’ clean minimal style and sleek lines, the black and white color palette is ideal for this style of Scandinavian design. The simplicity of their design hides advanced technology.

Incorporating Nordic Design and Italian Style MCZ have produced their most refined stoves yet. These stoves will look amazingly elegant in either Living Room, Kitchen or Bedroom.

We hope that the photos give you inspiration for your interiors. Please check out the many other MCZ designs available. The possibilities are endless.

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Black and White Interior Inspirations
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Black and White Interior Inspirations
Black and White Contemporary Stove Ideas for Living Rooms, Kitchens and Bedrooms