Palazzetti Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove

Adagio Wood pellet stove


Palazzetti Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove  is a sealed wood pellet stove, ideal for passive homes in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The ecofire sealed technology makes it possible to install ecofire Adagio wood pellet stoves in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and studio flats because they use only combustion air taken from outdoors.

The Adagio Wood Pellet Stove  features small dimensions with a high performance.  The absence of a traditional air intake prevents cold air from entering the room which, in turn, prevents the stove from having to heat cold air to maintain a constant temperature. This obviously results in considerable savings on fuel.  Furthermore the Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove  stove takes advantages of renewable energy technology as it minimizes heat loss and thanks to its thermal sensors optimizes combustion, thus has an operating efficiency at above 95%

The excellent combustion and the very high performances of Palazzetti’s sealed Ecofire stoves ensure the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and consistent savings on energy consumptions. For a sustainable and comfortable future and a close to zero environmental impact.

Palazzetti Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove Performance

The elegant design and high quality of the Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove stove, makes it ideal for existing homes where there is few available spaces. As it offers a constant heat it can also fulfil perfectly the energy requirements of a passive houses.

  • Sealed stove that draws its combustion air from outdoors
  • Reduced power, suitable for low energy consumption or passive homes
  • black painted steel structure with a black, mirrored glass door and
  • chromed steel inserts
  • firebox and brazier made of very thick cast iron;
  • “Star” pellet-feed system
  •  large ash drawer
  • Combustion Dynamic Control
  • digital, touch screen control panel
  • operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis;
  • room temperature probe controls the set temperature;
  • The stove can be connected to an outdoor thermostat;
  • The fan has a standby function that turns it off temporarily for
  • Increased acoustic comfort.

Palazzetti Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove Specification


Dimensions41 x 48 x 104 cm
Weight120 kg
Nominal heat input0 (Kw) – 0 (Kcal/h)
Efficiency at nominal heat output95.61 %
Efficiency at reduced heat output98.09 %
Nominal heat output4.23 (Kw) – 3700 (Kcal/h)
Reduced heat output1.23 (Kw) – 1100 (Kcal/h)
Fuel hopper capacity15 (kg)
Hourly fuel consumption0.257 (kg/h) – 0.908 (kg/h)
Maximum burn time59 h
Exhaust outlet fittingø cm 8


Palazzetti Ecofire Adagio Wood Pellet Stove Awards o

Awards of innovation 2013 Lyon: The Adagio Wood Pellet Stove has received a prize for its Technological Innovation at Expobioenergía


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