Agricultural Renewable Energy Grants Ireland

agriculture Grants

Agricultural Renewable Energy grants Ireland.  The Irish government has developed renewable energy grants to encourage agricultural businesses across Ireland to install small scale renewable energy systems as a method to combat climate change and improve business viability.

Renewable energy systems and farming in Ireland, are a winning combination. solar  hot water panels can provide hot water for dairy operations, and animal housing, and also used to warm homes, livestock buildings, and greenhouses. Solar hot water panels can

Biomass  boiler technology can supply cost effective year round energy day and night for your agricultural business, meaning its always there when you need i.e.  Dairies, Horticulture, Poultry barns, Crop drying and storage.

Additionally there are many potential uses for Agricultural Ground Source Heating, where large amounts of heat energy are required to provide your sole source of heating, cooling and hot water at low cost. Commercial Ground source heat pumps operate all year at the same temperature ensuring a very reliable and cost efficient source of heat for agricultural purposes, making them ideal for broiler houses, Nursery, Milking Parlours

Below are details of current Agricultural Renewable Energy grants Ireland