Air Source Heat Pump Burren, Co.Down, Northern Ireland.

Air Source Heat Pump Burren, Co.Down, Northern Ireland. The client was building a new self build home and wanted to take advantage of the renewable energy grants currently available in Northern Ireland.  He also wanted to ensure that his home was future proof against rising fuel costs.  He chose a LA MI Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump.  This makes a significant contribution to lower home energy bills.  It also ensured that the home was heated with  50% lower CO2 emissions than gas boilers, help make a significant contribution towards Building Regulations  compliance.

Property Location: Burren Co.Down, Northern Ireland

Property Type:   4 Bedroom,  New Build detached, house

Construction: Brick under tile roof, with double glazing throughout, loft and cavity wall insulation.

New Heating System: LA12MI-12kW  Air Source Heat Pump. Dimplex Air-Eau inverter driven air source heat pump

Installation: The installation was completed within 2 days with a minimum of inconvenience to the home-owner

The heat pump needed to be installed to the side of the house, adjacent to the neighbours, which meant that it needed to be virtually silent in operation which is not a problem for the Air-Eau as it provides class-leading low noise in operation


Air Source Heat Pump Burren Technologies Used: LA12MI-12kW  Air Source Heat Pump. Dimplex Air-Eau inverter driven air source heat pumps deliver market leading energy efficiency and performance with achievable CoPs of up to 4.7.  ‘The 12kW Dimplex Air-Eau inverter driven Air Source Heat Pump combined with the high performance Dimplex water cylinder offered the ideal solution’. It’s cost effective, together with superior levels of performance and its full system compatibility with the hot water meant that we could specify and install the whole system with confidence.

Key Features of the LA12MI air source heat pump
  • Variable output levels and low starting current
  • Installed outdoors, so minimal indoor space required
  • Flow temperatures from 25oC to 55oC
  • Weather compensated
  • Operational temperatures from -20oC to +35oC
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel inner frame


Air Source Heat Pump Burren Financial InformationTypical Installation Costs and Estimated Savings: Running costs will vary depending on a number of factors – including the size of your home, how well insulated it is and the type of heating system it will be connected to. Use our savings calculator to get an approximate idea of the savings you could make by installing a heat pump.

Grants and Incentives: Heat Premium Payment scheme If you live in Northern Ireland, you can claim a Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme grant of £1,700.00 on a mcs accredited installation of a  Dimplex  air source heat pump

Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme: The Dimplex Air-Eau inverter driven Air Source Heat Pump are mcs approved and qualify for  payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.


Air Source Heat Pump Burren Additional Information

Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump Brochure


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