Combined Renewable Energy Installations

Combined Renewable Energy Installations, Combining renewable energies in a house such as Air source heat pump, solar heating water systems and underfloor during Installations can provide a lot of advantages

With a very high insulation levels and a modern designed heating system can offer hot water and space heating and benefited from the renewable energy technology with low heating bills for the house in the future.

Each technology installed offers a benefit. For the heating, by combining with a heat pump technologies (Air source/ ground source) and an underfloor heating system (with or without a radiator) will more heat. For the hot water, installing a solar water heating system in order to provide a free solar hot water for up to 70% of their hot water requirements  which can help to reduce the houses future heating bills.


Solar Assisted Underfloor Heating, Co.Down

Solar Assisted Air Source Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating, Newry

Air Source Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating, Omagh