Combined Renewable Energy Sytems, Lusk


Installation of Underfloor heating LuskCombined Renewable Energy Sytems, Lusk including Air source Heat Pump, Solar Thermal, Underfloor Heating, Lusk, Ireland. The client decided to build a new home with very high insulation levels, and wanted to install a modern designed heating system which would ensure the client got both hot water and space heating and benefited from the renewable energy technology that is currently available, and thus ensure that there would be low heating bills for the house in the future. A Heat Pump system seemed an obvious way to provide the heating, with easy installation and minimal maintenance costs, which could be combined with an underfloor heating system & radiators to distribute heat throughout the home. As part of the renewable energy heating design it was also decided to install solar thermal panels to provide the client with free solar hot water for up to 70% of their hot water requirements. This again would help to reduce the houses future heating bills.

Combined Renewable Energy Systems, Lusk Technologies Used

  • Solar Hot Water Panels:   2 x 2.5m² Dimplex Flat Plate ‘In-Roof’ Panels
  • Heat Pump:  12kW Dimplex A Class Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Underfloor Heating with 8 x Standard Radiators & TRV’s

Dimplex A class Heat Pump

Installation of Dimplex A Class Heat Pump, Lusk

Dimplex A Class is designed specifically to maximise year-round heating system efficiency, no matter the weather conditions. It outperforms the UK’s leading heat pumps and the efficiency assumptions in the industry best-practice Heat Emitter Guide. As a result, Dimplex A Class will achieve a higher Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) than other heat pumps at similar water flow temperatures. And better efficiency means lower running costs and a faster payback for the homeowner.

Product Benefits

  • Outstanding performance and efficiency
  • High output, high temperature
  • Sophisticated heating made simple
  • Innovative technology
  • Complete System Packages
  • Designed for the UK, made in the UK
  • Integrate with solar thermal

Dimplex Solar panels

The Dimplex Solar package is made simple by combining all the components into easy to purchase kits containing all the necessary solar components needed for a standard installation. Each component has been carefully selected for its quality and suitability to the Irish climate. With a range of cylinder sizes suitable for each property and a selection of integrated kits and roof mounting options the Dimplex solution has an answer for every solar water heating requirement.

Product Benefits

  • 10 Year Warranty on panel
  • Lightweight design
  • Fully integrated and on roof options available
  • High efficiency panel performance
  • Rapid installation with only 6 main parts and unique
  • Click System
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications

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