Demand Control Ventilation

Demand control ventilation is recognized as being a method of ensuring a building is ventilated cost effectively while maximizing indoor air quality. Sensors are used to continuously measure and monitor ambient conditions in the conditioned space and provide real time feed back to the zone controller which adjusts the fan speed modulating the ventilation rate to match the specific use and occupancy of the building.

Why use Demand Control Ventilation ?

Building ventilation systems often operate at constant or pre-determined ventilation rates regardless of the occupancy level of the building. Ventilation rates are normally based on maximum occupancy levels resulting in consequent energy wastage. The energy wastage is not only due to the fan operation, but also includes the energy used to condition the air, whether in heating or cooling mode. Significant energy savings are made by effective DCV which ensures that the ventilation rate continuously matches the current occupancy rate and varying ambient conditions.

What about the payback time ?

  • Reduced average power consumption of the demand controlled exhaust fan
  • Less clogging of filters, air ducts and terminals
  • Greater availability of pressure and airflow for terminals
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Demand Control Ventilation