Home Improvement Grants Northern Ireland

Home Improvement Grants Northern Ireland.  If you are a home-owner living in a house in Northern Ireland, you may be able to claim financial assistance via a government scheme, or government grant, to make your home more energy efficient, and thus reduce your home heating bills. These are known as renewable energy grants, and can be used to gain financial assistance for installing a renewable energy system such as solar panels, heat pump, (air source or ground source), biomass boilers (ie wood pellet stove, wood gasification boiler).  For example  the Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment is an renewable energy grant designed to help domestic householders in Northern Ireland  afford alternative renewable technologies that can heat their home and provide hot water by a more energy efficient method than traditional heating fuels such as oil or gas.  At present the following grant rates apply,   3,500  Ground Source Heat Pumps£ 2,500  Biomass and Wood Pellet Boilers£ 1,700  Air Source Heat Pumps, , £    320  Solar Panels.  Once you have installed your renewable energy system there is also additional financial support for seven years via the domestic RHI Renewnable Heat Incentive)  .  This grant will support home owners who wish to install renewable technologies such as biomass, ground source heat pumps, air to water heat pumps and solar Thermal.  These two grants are set to cover for the added cost of installing and operating renewables technologies compared to fossil fuel systems, with a rate of return of 7.5% also included. The Tarrifs are designed to cover the additional costs incurred over the lifetime of the installation with these payments compressed over a 7 year period .

Please see below for full details of all home improvement and renewable energy grants currently available for home-owners in Northern Ireland


RHI payments

Renewable Heat Incentive

Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme

Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme

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