Mcz Tray Wood Pellet stove

Mcz Tray Wood Pellet stoveMcz Tray Wood Pellet Stove has a minimal design due to the fact that there are no front outlets. This Wood Pellet Stove has an upper aluminium grid and a two-coloured Black Bronze painted steel structure. The stove has a Black Alutec firebox.

The Mcz Tray Wood Pellet Stove stove can be used with a COMFORT AIR® air ducting system. This stove has STILL  technology . So the stove has been designed to break down noise or vibration impact within the stove. This removes the ventilation noise. Which creates ultimate natural relaxation.

Mcz Tray wood pellet stove can be used with a mcz NATURAL heating system. This means that heat is sent into the room by natural convection. So when the heat is rising from the stove, the warm air is sent equally into the environment.

 MCZ Tray Wood Pellet Stove Features and Performance.

Easy to use. This stove can be run via a control panel. This is found on top of the stove. It comes with easy and intuitive functions, suited to those wanting simple solutions.
 It can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet via a dedicated application (App).  So you have 100% comfort inside the house or when you’re away. The application requires an accessory kit and can operate via a text message (GPRS system) or via Wi-Fi.

MCZ Tray  Wood Pellet Stove Specification

Mcz Tray Wood Pellet Stove

Fuel type.Pellet.
Nominal heat output at max.8.00 kW.
Nominal heat output max.2.40 kW.
Nominal performance.90.00%.
Hopper capability.35.00 lt.
Hourly consumption at min.0.60 kg/h.
Hourly consumption at max.1.80 kg/h.
Run-time at min.42.00 h.
Run-time at max.15.00 h.
Heatable volume.196 m³ (*).
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe.8 cm.
Weight.135 kg.
Suggested draught system.10-0.10 Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature.170 ºC.
Massive smoke capacity.6.6 g/s.

MCZ  Tray Wood Pellet Stove Feedback.

Mcz Tray Wood Pellet StoveIt’s essential design and its magnificent bronze colour fitted in perfectly with my interiors. It has “Still” technology, which means it is silent. Then there is the flame. Finally a pellet stove that is as good as a wood stove! Read more on yourFire

The stove is installed at the centre of the sitting room, less than 2 metres away from the armchairs. It is very important that nothing disrupts the music you are listening to, the film you are watching or simply the cat who is taking a nap!

The stove is placed in a position that is more favourable for the living room. As if it were an additional guest invited to drinks before dinner in the sitting room, this advantageous position means that it is unmistakably noticed by visitors and this creates a great atmosphere, as well as adding lots of warmth (both literally and figuratively.

MCZ Tray  Wood Pellet Stove Further Information.

Please visit  wood pellet stoves to see the full range of stoves available.

For further details please  contact acorn renewables ltd, or give the team a call on + 44 7516228382


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