NuTech Solar Heating and Ventilation Systems

Acorn Renewables Ltd are an accredited installer of NuTech Renewables Ltd solar thermal systems.  NuTech patented  Solar Heating And Ventilation systems are ideal heating systems  for both new and existing homes across Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Solar Heating And Ventilation systems ensure that the home-owner benefits from  low heating bills by creating less heating demand and less heat loss.

Solar energy is a free resource that can be collected via solar panel collectors on the roof of a building and used to provide both domestic hot water heating, and solar assisted air heating and ventilation. NuTech solar heating and ventilation systems uses patented solar technology and a Ires controller to control solar energy collected from solar panels.  During the day this solar energy is sent to a solar cylinder and can be used for hot water heating, or the solar energy can be stored in the tank.  When instructed by the ires controller (i.e at night) this solar energy can also be sent to pre-warm filtered air entering the house via  a ventilation system (ie heat recovery ventilation system, or positive input ventilation system).

In winter when solar energy is so low that it will not heat hot water, the ires can use this energy to pre-warm air in the house, and this ensures that unlike a traditional solar hot water heating system,no solar energy is every lost. The ires controller also monitors the temperatures both outside and inside the house, and ensures that the house is kept comfortable.  As the incoming air is filtered this solar ventilation system also helps to improve air quality, and it can also help to pressurise the air in the house, reducing heat loss, and thus reducing heating bills.

Additionally Solar Heating And Ventilation Installations may also qualify for solar panel grants. For example if you install a solar thermal, solar hot water panel on your existing home in Ireland, you may be entitled to a €1200 SEAI Better Energy Homes Grant (*T+C APPLY).

Below you will find the range of NuTech  Solar Heating And Ventilation systems available