Palazetti Ginger Wood Pellet Stove

Palazzetti Ginger Wood Pellet StovePalazzetti Ginger Wood Pellet Stove is a pellet-burning stove clad with painted steel and glass.  Its is  ideal for homes  that need a stove to fit a small space. This space-saving stove has a particularly small depth.  So it can be put into a room with its back flush against the wall. This makes it the ideal stove for existing fireplaces.

The palazzetti hydro stoves makes sure that all the heat they produce is sent to the central heating and domestic hot water. The stove comes with everything included so you can fit it into an existing home.

You can use the Palazzetti Ginger Wood Pellet  via remote control, and via an app on your mobile phone.  This allows you to control the temperature of the stove, and your central heating.

 Specification of Palazzetti Ginger Wood Pellet Stove 

Weight. 160 Kg.
Dimensions. 95.3×32.3×115 cm.
Heat Output. max 12 Kw.
Average Efficiency. 90%.
Hourly fuel consumption. 0.7 – 2.9 Kg/h.
Feedbox capacity. 23 Kg Hourly.
Maximum burn time. 33 hours.

Colours of Palazzetti Ginger Wood Pellet Stove

Stove available in thefollowing colours

  • White
  • Black
  • Light Mocha

Downloads of Palazzetti Ginger Wood Pellet Stove

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