Passive House Wood Pellet Stoves

Passive House Wood pellet stoves installed by Acorn Renewables in homes across Ireland, Northern Ireland, feature Palazzetti wood pellet stove sealed technology.  This sealed wood pellet stove technology makes it possible to install sealed wood pellet stoves in rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms and studio flats because the Palazzetti sealed Ecofire® stoves take in air required for combustion directly from outside, through the balance flue system. This avoids removing any oxygen from inside the house, and also prevents cold air from entering a room. These Passive House Heating Wood Pellet Stoves do not waste any of energy produced, because they recover the heat of outgoing exhaust gases to pre-heat the incoming air.For the same reason they are ideal for passive homes in ireland, Northern Ireland because they don’t alter the indoor/outdoor balance in any way.

The excellent combustion and the very high performances of Palazzetti’s sealed Ecofire stoves ensure the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and consistent savings on energy consumptions. For a sustainable and comfortable future and a close to zero environmental impact.  Thus the installation of a wood pellet stove in a passive house in ireland can provide healthy and comfortable heat throughout the house,combined with energy savings and reduced home heating bills.  Please view  Palazzetti’s sealed Ecofire Passive House Heating Wood Pellet Stoves below

Ines Wood Pellet Stove


Scricciola Wood Pellet Stove


Adagio Wood Pellet Stove