Power Flushing

Power FLushing

Powerflush removes sludge from your central heating system to ensure it’s running efficiently. Slide is produced by Radiators rust internally producing black iron oxide ‘sludge’. This sludge moves around the heating system blocking pipes, valves and boilers (pumps/heat exchangers/diverter valves), and that really affects the efficiency of your boiler. This one-off deep clean makes sure your radiators heat up properly and there are no more cold spots.This helps to increase the life of the whole system, keeps heating bills down and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

How does a powerflush work

Power flush equipment, normally set up outside, connects to your central heating and cleans the whole system without having to take off all the radiators.

Powerflush cleaner is added to the system water and starts to loosen the rust. The heating is turned on and radiator surfaces checked for cold spots. By flushing water through individual radiators and vibrating cold spots the sludge is rapidly loosened. The sludge flows from radiators and is collected at our magnet filter.

All radiators and pipe work are power flushed until water samples are clean and pH neutral.

A corrosion inhibitor is added to the clean water, radiators are balanced as required and finally we issue you a Powerflush certificate.

Our professional and friendly engineers will thoroughly powerflush your central heating system guaranteeing you, A warmer home, Improved hot water,

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