Dimplex Smart Rad Radiator

Dimplex Smart Radiators

Dimplex SmartRad Radiators sets new standards for radiators used for central heating.  The Dimplex SmartRad Radiators are fast and responsive, accurate room by  room control, attractively styled and designed specifically to work with modern, renewable heating systems such as heat pumps. This means that heat pump systems become not only more cost effective in new build projects, but can also be retro-fitted in to existing premises with minimal disruption.SmartRad radiators offer a practical, cost effective alternative without the constraints associated with oversized radiators.

Features of Dimplex SmartRad Radiator

Cost effective, practical alternative to underfloor heating

  • Much more energy efficient than conventional radiators
  • Stylish, compact design, with a choice of white metal, white glass or black glass finishes
  • Designed for low water temperature operation
  • Optimises heat pump CoP
  • Reduces heat pump running costs
  • Reduces heat pump CO2 emissions
  • Ultra low water content means:
  • Low thermal mass
  • Better response
  • Faster heat up
  • Improved efficiency through lower energy wastage
  • Fast response/room heat up due to very low water content
  • 4 x faster room heat up time
  • Responsive reaction to incidental heat gains
  • Low surface temperature




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