Renewable Heat Incentive

RHI payments


Renewable Heat Incentive . The domestic RHI will support homeowners who wish to install renewable technologies such as biomass, ground source heat pumpsair to water heat pumps and solar Thermal.  DETI is also considering supporting air to air heatpumps and bioliquids.  All installations must be commissioned by a suitably accredited mcs installer and the technologies must be appropriately certified


Renewable Heat Incentive Payments

Support for new installations will include an upfront payment as well as ongoing payments for 7 years.

Egible technologies installed and commissioned since 1st September 2010, which were ineligible for grant support under the RHPP, will recieve a different level of support to account for the lack of an upfront grant.

The overall level of support for those that have, or will have recieved grant support and those that haven’t have been levelised to ensure no one is disadvantaged.


are set to cover for the added cost of installing and operating renewables technologies compared to fossil fuel systems, with a rate of return of 7.5% also included.

The Tarrifs are designed to cover the additional costs incurred over the lifetime of the installation with these payments compressed over a 7 year period