Ducted Air Heating Wood Pellet Stoves

Ducted Air Heating Wood Pellet Stoves achieve  maximum fuel savings  in your home in Ireland or Northern Ireland . Acorn Renewables Ltd supplies and installs a range of Ducted Air Heating Wood Pellet Stoves manufactured by Mcz, Palazzett, Wodtke.  These wood pellet stove manufactures produces wood pellet stoves which feature various design options, including various colours to suit individual furnishing styles, many pellet stoves are a true eye-catcher in the home.

This range of Wood Pellet Stoves feature ducted air stove technology.   This technology allows the hot air generated by the stove to be taken to other rooms in the house through pipes (known as ducting) hidden in the walls and  the air is taken into the room via air outlet vales or diffusers. WithMCZ-patented Comfort Air® system, and with Palazzetti technology air can travel up to 8 metres and ensures an output temperature of up to 80°C, enabling an even distribution of the heat from above without lifting dust and bacteria.  This  wood pellet stove heating technology gives you precision control over how heat is diffused in the various rooms where the air is ducted. Thus you have a veritable mini alternative heating system that is affordable and ecological.

Mcz wood pellet stoves there is an option for  light and scented air. Many diffusers also act as elegant wall lamps, amplifying the relaxing, comfortable effect, manageable through a standard supplied remote control. In addition, there is a water tank inside several of the models. The water vaporises as hot air exits the system and ensures the room is properly humidified. You can add your favourite fragrances or essential oils for a pleasant aromatherapy effect. Apart from the radiant and convective heat, this also creates a snug, cozy atmosphere.

Below are some examples of space heating wood pellet stoves which Acorn Renewables Ltd supply and install across Ireland and Northern Ireland