Sabina Wood Pellet Stove

Sabina idro wood pellet stove

Sabina Wood Pellet Stove by Palazetti  will provide heat into the room and also connect to a buffer tank to provide heat to a central heating system.  This pellet burning Stove is fully sealed and is ideal for passive homes.  Sabina Wood Pellet Stove by Palazetti comes with wood cladding in 2 finishes (teak and wenge) and 2 heating outputs (20kW and 26kW).  This Palazzetti  pellet burning stove  is characterized by a warm design with teak wood or lacquered sides. The firebox and the newly devised heat exchanger make it possible to achieve very high heat efficiencies that yield almost all the energy to the water (8.1 kW ). Sabina Wood Pellet Stove has the additional features of a ceramic self-cleaning glass, large ash pan, multiple turbulators, digital touch screen for control, programmable, integrated anti-fog system and hydraulic system.

Sabina Wood Pellet Stove Features and Performance

  • External ducting of fresh air intake
  • Structure in steel with painted sides
  • The door, firebox and brazier are in very thick cast iron
  • Large ash drawer
  • Firebox with 12 smoke pipes
  • Combustible Dynamic control
  • Digital touch screen panel
  • Operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
  • Integrated anti-condensing system

Sabina Wood Pellet Stove Specification and Technical Data

Dimensions62X73X136 cm
Total thermal power (output)max:17,300 kcal/h-20,15Kw
Average efficiency94,2%
Maximum burn time37h
Feedbox capacity50 kg
Hourly pellet consumption0,36kg/h- max:4,4 kg/h


Sabina Wood Pellet Stove Colours

  • Tweek  wood
  •  lacquered side

Grants and Accreditations

Northern Ireland 


  • Sabrina Idro 24 KW: HTSMCS1327/06
  • Sabrina Idro 27 kW: HTSMCS1218/08