Scriccola Wood Pellet Stove

Scricciola Wood Pellet Stove

Scricciola Wood Pellet Stove is a compact wood pellet stove from Palazzetti, made from a study metal structure with a ceramic top.  The compactness of this system ensures quietness ensuring the comfort.  The door, firebox and burn pot are entirely in cast iron, and the  top is made from a black ceramic and metal sides of various colors.   The firebox and brazier are thick cast iron and allow maximum heat recovery

The Scricciola  Wood Pellet Stove features all  the technologies and characteristics of large  wood pellet stoves.   It is possible to set  daily programming for the whole week.   Furthermore the Scricciola  Wood Pellet Stove features a series of sensors which ensure the perfect functioning of the stove.


 Features and Performance of Scricciola Wood Pellet Stove

Features the palazzetti star feeding system, cool touch handle and large ashpan

Another feature also maintained in theScricciola  Wood Pellet Stove  is “star” system for the removal of the pellet.  This  ensures maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. The system “star” compared to traditional ones greatly reduces the accumulation of ashes on the bottom of the tank to keep it clean.


  Specification and Technical Data of Scricciola Wood Pellet Stove

Scricciola wood pellet stove available in anthractie grey, with metal cladding kit available in the oe following colours


  • Red Bordeaux
  • Black


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Scriccola Wood Pellet Stove