Solar Assisted Heat Recovery Ventilation, Bunclody

Solar Assited Hrv Bunclody Co Wexford

Solar Assisted Heat Recovery Ventilation, Bunclody. The client wanted to build a low energy home in Bunclody Wexford.  The client wanted to make sure that the house would have adequate ventilation.   So the client choose to put in a  heat recovery ventilation system .  This  would remove moisture and stale air along with odours and pollutants and replace them with fresh air to breathe.

Solar Assisted Heat Recovery Ventilation, Bunclody

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)  re-uses up to 95% of the heat that would have otherwise have been lost from your home. MVHR  is a whole house ventilation system that both supplies and extracts air throughout a property. The warm, extracted air is sent through a heat exchanger to recover the heat before being expelled outside.  At the same time cool, fresh outside air is sent through the heat exchanger.  This cool air is then pre-warmed using the recover heat.  The warmed air ise then sent round the home via a concealed ducting in ceiling.  The air comming into the home is filted to remove polluants.

 Solar Water Heating

Solar hot water panels go onto the roof of the home, and a solar hot water storage tank is installed. The solar panels collect solar energy from the suns rays. So Solar energy comes from the solar panels on the roof. It is then sent to a coil at the bottom of the solar hot water tank. This heats the water in the tank, and provides the hot water for the house. This system is know as solar hot water heating.

The benefits of solar water heating.

  • Reduced energy bills. Sunlight is free, so once you’ve paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced.
  • Economic. Uses Free solar energy. Cost Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly. They are non Pollution. Solar hot water heating systems produce no emissions.
  • Lower carbon footprint. Solar hot water is a green heating system.  As a result your carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.
  • Limitless. The sun is a limitless resource of solar energy.
  • Hot water throughout the year. The system works all year round, though you’ll need to heat the water further with a boiler or immersion heater during the winter months.Solar Water Heating Tubes

Solar Assisted Heat Recovery Ventilation, Bunclody

 Cost and savings

MVHR systems do require servicing as all equipment such as filters and fans must be kept clean to ensure effective operation. Because the fresh air is pre-warmed, heat loss from ventilation is largely avoided. This means the householder can spend less on heating their property, reducing costs, saving money and ensuring a healthy, well ventilated home.

Savings of up to 50 – 70% annually on the heating cost for your hot water and/or heating. Once you have the panel installed that amount of energy is free for you. The main percentage of your water heating cost is done away through the use of the solar panel. Over time, your savings will increase as the price of oil / gas / electricity and other fossil fuels will increase in the future.

Solar also reduces the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions helping to protect the environment from being polluted. CO2 is one of the largest single contributors towards global warming.

Grants Available for Solar Thermal Installations Ireland .

SEAI Better Energy Homes Grant. This gives  Irish homeowners who install solar hot water systems on an existing home a grant of  €1200. Terms and Conditions apply please see grant form for details.

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