Solar Enhanced Heating Installation

The patented Solar Enhanced Heating and hot water system (SEH) provides solar assisted air heating and solar hot water heating to a home.  It is programmed via the Intelligent Renewable Energy System (Ires) controller.

Solar  hot water panels are installed on the roof of the home, and a solar hot water storage tank is installed.   There will be more solar panels installed on the roof than a normal solar hot water heating system. So the amount of free solar energy available to use increases. It is this solar energy (via the Ires controller) that will be used for the solar hot water heating, and solar assisted air heating heating system.

Solar Enhanced Heating Installation for Housing DevelopmentsSolar Hot Water
: The award winning  Solar Enhanced Heating and hot water system (SEH)) allows the solar energy collected from the solar panel to be sent to a coil at the bottom of the solar hot water tank. This heats the water in the tank, and provides the hot water for the house.

Solar Assisted Air Heating. The solar hot water tank can act as a heat store for the solar energy collected. When requested (via the ires cotnroller)  this stored solar energy is taken from the solar tank to a fan coil radiator. Which uses the heat to warm the air in the house . This reduces the energy required for home heating.  In summer  (or when no heating is required) the Ires controller can send the solar energy to the solar hot water tank only. 

Unique Patented Technology.
The patented Solar Enhanced Heating and hot water system (SEH)is unique due to its capture of the low levels of solar radiation in Ireland during winter. Normally the solar energy collected would be too weak to heat water in a solar tank. So the solar energy would not be collected or used in a normal solar hot water heating system. During winter months the Intelligent Renewable Energy System (Ires)  uses this low grade solar energy (around 30C). It sends the solar energy to the ventilation unit, providing warmed air at 28C to the house. This increases the amount of “free solar energy” and reduces the amount of energy required from the boiler, helping to reduce home heating bills.

Below you find case studies of recent installations