Solar Enhanced Ventilation Installations

Designed and patented by NuTech Renewables,  the award winning solar enhanced ventilation system aims to bring big energy and cost savings to the home-owner by combining solar and ventilation technologies.  Solar Enhanced Ventilation (SEV) is a  renewable energy system that delivers solar energy by way of a positive input ventilation (PIV) system, while also delivering solar hot water. The Solar Enhanced Ventilation system features a larger solar array and a slightly larger solar hot water storage tank. In effect, by doubling the solar array and using the larger cylinder, about three times the amount of solar energy is delivered to the house compared to standard solar water heating. It’s worth noting that this system delivers solar energy to the house and the enlarged storage cylinder by day. By night NuTech’s specially designed Intelligent Renewable Energy System (Ires) controller takes heat from this cylinder and delivers it to the house by way of the ventilation system.

Solar Enhanced Ventilation Installations provides compliance with part L and also  provides positive benefits for the BER of the house. This is because energy savings are much greater, as the solar enhanced ventilation system delivers energy to both the space heating and hot water systems. positive input ventilation (PIV) system are also favourably treated in SEAI’s Deap calculation procedure, in effect, the solar enhanced ventilation  system delivers the same result as installing typical solar water heating together with heat recovery ventilation.  The Solar Enhanced Ventilation system dramatically improves the ventilation rate in the house without an energy penalty. With positive input ventilation the house is also slightly pressurised, this, together with the extra ventilation, can improve the situation when radon gas levels are above normal.  Plus, with the solar enhanced ventilation system, the Part L building regulations requirement of achieving 10 kWh/m2/a from renewable sources can be achieved even in larger houses. The home-owner can also interrogate the solar enhanced ventilation system using the highly visual display panel of the (Ires) controller.   All of this comes at a much reduced cost while ensuring excellent indoor air quality.A typical solar water heating system does not have a truly satisfactory payback when properly calculated.  The Solar Enhanced Ventilation (SEV) system provides more useful solar energy to the house in order to boost payback for the home-owner, while also improving atmosphere and comfort.

Please find below case studies of recent installations of Solar Enhanced Ventilation Installations throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland