Solar Heating for Apartment Blocks

Solar Heating for Apartment BlocksSolar Heating for Apartment Blocks. Acorn Renewables Ltd was subcontracted to work on the new apartments by Collen Construction at Tyresstown, Dublin 15.  There was a total of 112 solar hot water heating systems installed.  The residential area became know as Avondale Park, and home-owners started to move in from the end of February 2012.

Client:Collen Construction Dublin:
Site Address :Tyresstown Dublin
Client:NABCO/ Collen Construction
ArchitectGerry Cahill Architects
Civil EngineersLee McCullough
Service EngineerFPQ
QSBurton and O’Connoe
LocationTyresstown, Dublin 15

Solar Heating for Apartment Blocks Technologies Used

Both Nabco and Collen were keen to make use of renewable energy to help reduce heating bills in these homes. They therefore used  Kingspan Solar Thermomax DF100 and Kingspan 30 Thermomax HP200 evacuated tubes Solar Panels to 112 residential units.

Solar hot water panels, known as a solar thermal system, convert the heat in sunlight into usable hot water for your home. In most cases, a solar hot water system can provide between 60-70% of your hot water requirements. Solar energy heating is a sustainable alternative to more conventional heating fuels. Operating a solar thermal system with a gas or electric backup is markedly less expensive than relying on a gas or electric water heater alone. A solar water heating system offers long-term performance with very low maintenance costs. A system will typically last for 30 years.

Solar Heating for Apartment Blocks  Further Information

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