Solar Passive House Installations

Passive Houses in Ireland and Northern Ireland are highly insulated, airtight, cold bridge free homes, which require minimal heating.  Therefore Acorn Renewables Ltd recommend the NuTech Solar Passive House.  Over the past twenty years NuTech Renewables Ltd have designed and rigorously  tested their solar passive house concept, mainly so that clients throughout Ireland can build a home to a passive house standard without the high costs associated with standard passive houses. This affordable passive home  design  features a very efficient use of floor space and excellent passive solar performance due to its compact footprint, quality energy efficient details and flexible design and construction options.  The solar passive house design, coupled with using only the most cost effective solar and energy saving features makes this home both very energy efficient and very affordable.

There are few design decisions that affect your passive house as significantly as your choice of a heating and cooling system. The heating system affects both long and short term costs, comfort, health, and resale value of your home. Passive solar energy is free renewable energy resource, which should be considered for every  low energy home design in Ireland and the UK. It can provide more than a third of a home’s heating and still maintain good interior comfort levels.

NuTech Renewables Ltd use their patented solar enhanced ventilation system to regulate and  distribute solar-heated air, so that the heating effectiveness and comfort within a NuTech Solar Passive House are enhanced, and solar energy is also used to ventilate and heat your home, all year round.  Furthermore NuTech Renewables Ltd can also integrate high performance renewable energy heating and cooling systems to further reduce annual energy expenses, these can include wood pellet boilers, underfloor heating, geothermal heat pump, air source heat pumps.

Below you will find examples of recent NuTech Solar Passive House Installations