Hydro Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning stoves combine the inexpensive nature of wood heating with advanced design features, and wood burning stove technology.  This ensure home-owners across Ireland and Northern Ireland can benefit from  the beauty of the flame from a wood burning stove. The palazzetti Idro range of wood burning stoves can heat your home and can also heat domestic hot water, and are available in a range of styles, shapes and coloured claddings to suit your interior design, budget and heating requirements.

Wood Burning Stoves Costs Ireland

wood burning stoves burn wood logs and this  wood fuel is very cheap when compared to electricity, oil, and gas. A kilowatt per hour (kWh) of heat costs about a fifth of kWh of electricity and around a third of kWh of gas and oil.  The biggest advantage of wood burning stoves over open fires is their superior efficiency. Burning wood on open fires only attains an efficiency of 20 to 25%, while a modern, efficient wood-burning stove, burning a similar type of wood, can attain efficiency levels of more than 75%. This means that such stoves can give you more heat from the same amount of fuel.

Wood Burning Stoves Installation  Northern Ireland

Wood Burning Stoves can be installed in both new built and existing homes.  In existing homes you can use your pre-existing heating system (e.g. radiators) while still enjoying the pleasure of firewood combustion. Simply choose a wood-burning stove from the Palazzetti Idro range that is capable of yielding most of the heat it produces to the water to even satisfy the heating requirements of very large homes.

Please view the range of Hydro wood burning stoves for heating and hot water below