Space Heating and Hot Water Wood Pellet Stoves

Space and Hot Water Wood Pellet Stoves featuring Palazzetti Ecofire® Idro High Performance technology will heat the home and provide domestic hot water.  In the Ecofire® Idro wood pellet stoves, the combustion heat from the fire is recovered by the steel heat exchangers, and transmitted to the water that is then conveyed through a simple circuit to the radiators and to the domestic water boiler.  Additionally these wood pellet stoves  optimise heat distribution for widespread comfort throughout the home. No sudden changes in temperature, no waste. And, of course, an enchanting view of the fire.

Space and Hot Water Wood Pellet Stoves are a real heating system that offers exceptional efficiency, minimum toxic emissions and extreme ease of use and maintenance. Palazzetti Ecofire® Idro stoves are fully automatic and programmable heating systems that heat the water for all home requirements (radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water.) The Ecofire® Idro stoves can be easily integrated with pre-existing traditional heating systems, including a heating oil, natural gas, LPG or diesel fuelled boiler. Palazzetti Ecofire® Idro stoves can be combined with accumulation systems using solar panels. In all cases, they ensure remarkable savings on energy consumption, and reduce your home heating bills