Spehera Wood Burning Stove

Sphera Wood Burning Stove

Sphera wood burning stove by Palazzetti is a modern wood-burning stove with a round shaped design.

Sphera wood burning stove is carbon neutral.  As trees are felled, replacement trees emit oxygen into the atomsphere

Sphera wood burning stove  emit warmth into a room long after a traditional fire has gone out.  They also create a natural ambience and relaxed atmosphere in a living room

The Palazzetti range of wood burning stoves has patented technology (PPT) and offer unparalleled flexibility in their installation and use.

Palazzetti wood burning stoves  are designed in Italy with typical clean Italian design principles and manufactured to the highest standards and in absolute respect for the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious European Institute and by associations protecting consumers and the environment (in UK Hetas-Defra-MCS).

Spehera Wood Burning Stove Features and Performance

Manufacturer: Palazzetti

• The structure is made in black lacquered still with a double rounded
ceramic glass;
• O2 Ring as standard equipment;
• Tubes heat exchanger with three flue-gas passes;
• Independent setting for primary and secondary air;
• Automatic bypass valve when opening the door;
• Thermostatic control for the combustion air;
• Temperature relief valve;
• Pressure relief valve;
• External ducting for the fresh air intake.

Spehera Wood Burning Stove Specification

Dimentions65 x 54,5 x 138,8 cm
Weight180 kg
Nominal heat input15.85 (Kw) – 13700 (Kcal/h)
Efficiency at nominal heat output88.49 %
Nominal heat output14.03 (Kw) – 12100 (Kcal/h)
Hourly fuel consumption3.708 (kg/h)

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Spehera Wood Burning Stove