Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves are a sound investment for your home.  If a wood burning stove is installed to replace an older style open fire it has the potential to reduce your house’s carbon footprint by at least 14% and will really make the most of wood’s environmentally neutral and renewable energy. Making the decision to replace an existing inefficient appliance or to install a stove from scratch into your living space or home can feel daunting but there are plenty of options to choose from.

A wood burning stove operates as follows.  As the stove heats up, it radiates heat through the walls and top of the stove. This radiant heat warms the immediate area (ie the living room) and can be carried into other parts of the home via the home’s natural air flow. Electric or convection-powered fans can help circulate this heat to warm a larger area.  If you require heating in multiple rooms this can be achieved via the heat from the flame of the stove being pushed into a ducting system that transmits it to other rooms, through an air outlet vale.  In Palazzetti wood burning stoves this wood burning technology is known as the  “Turbo System”.  In Mcz  stoves this wood burning technology is known as Comfort Air®.  This wood burning stove technology allows the heat to be released into a room with rapid distribution, uniform and allowing a saving in fuel consumption.

Home-owners can choose wood burning stoves with a classic, modern or more traditional design, featuring various colours and textures of claddings to suit your interior design.  Acorn Renewables Ltd can help you find a stove to match your homes heating requirements, project budget, and interior design style