Wood Gasification Boiler Installations For Space and Hot Water

A Wood Log Gasification boiler can be installed during construction of a new building, or retro fitted to an existing building provided space in a suitable location is available or can be provided in homes across Ireland, Northern Ireland to significantly reduce home heating and domestic hot water bills.  The boiler, buffer tank and ancillary items can be located in the corner of a garage, a basement or purpose built boiler house. Log fuel stores can be located indoors or outdoors provided the fuel is resting on dry ground, is covered to protect it from rain and allows for air circulation to aid further seasoning/drying. Wood log gasification heating is fully compatible witWater Heating, Radiator Heating System, Under-floor Heating Systems.

A wood gasification boiler can deliver constant heating temperature at low operating cost.   Wood Gasification Boilers burn seasoned wood logs  so that the wood is heated initially to produce a gas which is subsequently burned in a separate combustion chamber.  It is the heat from the burning of this gas that is stored in an accumulation tank and used to centrally heat your home and provide for your domestic hot water needs.  This process is highly efficient ie Attack Wood Gasifying Boilers have efficiencies of up to 91%, for example 2.5 Tonne of dry logs or waste timber provides approximately the


Below you will find recent Wood Gasification Boiler Installations For Space and Hot Water case studies