Wood Gasification Installation, Co.Down



Wood Gasification Boiler Installation, Co.Down Norrthern Ireland.   The client had an existing 200 m², 5 bedroom house that was using on average around 300 litres of hot water a day, and the client was concerned about the rising cost of fossil fuels and the heating bill to provide the domestic hot water for his family.  The client became aware of the the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), and began to research the options to replace the oil fired central heating with a biomas boiler.  After consultation, the client decided to install an Attack 25kw DPx Profi wood gasification boiler. This wood gasification boiler is designed for the economical and ecological heating of family houses,  while also providing domestic hot water.


Wood Gasification Boiler Installation, Co.Down Technologies Used


The Attack 25Kw DPX Profi Boiler will burn most forms of clean wood, such as pallets or any scrap wood from building work can be used (not chipboard or mdf). The DPX model features an advanced tubular heat exchanger, with lever arm cleaning mechanism, designed to be simple to maintain and clean. By utilising  the gasification from the split logs and the advanced features the DPX range is 88% efficient.


The Attack 25Kw DPX Profi Boiler Benefits

  • Tubular heat exchanger giving improved performance and making cleaning easier
  • Automatic control of flue flap
  • Output range from 25kW to 45kW
  • Combustion of hard and soft wood
  • Large fuel chamber for longer combustion time from one load
  • Improved heat exchanger for increased efficiency
  • High combustion efficiency (91%), low fuel consumption and low emissions
  • Automatic shutdown of boiler after fuel is depleted
  • Equipped with a cooling circuit that protects the boiler from overheating
  • Fireproof clays able to resist temperatures up to 1500˚C
  • The boiler is approved and tested to European standard EN303-5
  • Optional electronic temperature control – DP Profi Boiler

Wood Gasification Boiler Installation, Co.Down Grants and Incentives

Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP),

Acorn Renewables Ltd is accredited under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), and  many of our domestic renewable heating products  such as the Attack 25kw DPx Profi wood gasification boiler.  are also MCS accredited.This accreditation means that wood pellet boiler  installations  in Northern Ireland,qualify for the current Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP),  of £2500 per installation.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Plus you can  also earn money from your wood pellet heating system each year with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which we hope will be introduced soon.