Wood Pellet Boiler Install, Hilltown, NI

Wood Pellet Boiler Install, Hilltown, NI.  The client had a pre-existing  home in Hilltown, co.Down, Northern Ireland, that had oil fired central heating.  The client wanted to make the switch to renewable energy to reduce their heating bills.  The client also wanted to take advantage of the Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium payment scheme  £2500 installation grant and Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive payment for the next seven years.   Wood pellet  biomass heating systems are ideal for  both new buildings and existing homes  as a direct replacement for oil or gas. Modern wood pellet boilers and stoves are fully automatic, self cleaning, and up to 93% efficient, and are  typically estimated to be 30% cheaper than heating oil.


Technologies Used Wood Pellet Boiler Install, Hilltown, NI         

Mcz compact 18 wood pellet boiler

A Compact 18kW wood pellet boiler, manufactured by RED365 (MCZ GROUP).    This Italian designed wood pellet stove has a high efficiency 93%, and extensive operating range , and  is ideal for small settings, and can easily replace an oil boiler in your garage.  Installation is very quick as the ciculation pump and expansion vessel are already built into the wood pellet boiler.  Therefore it can be quickly and easily fitted to either an existing heating system, or is ideal for a  small boiler room or under the stair in new build home in Northern Ireland.  s
• Nominal heat output 18.00kW
• Thermal power with fluid 16.4kW/h
• Nominal performance 91.00%
• Hopper capability 100.00kg
• Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 10cm
• Weight 140kg
• Smoke temperature 200ºC
• Massive smoke capacity 20g/s
• Boiler water capacity 25l
• DHW flow rate 10.50l/min


Financial Information for Wood Pellet Boiler Install, Hilltown, NI

Typical Installation Costs and Estimated Savings

Save around £800 on home heating costs (based on a 4 bedroom house, changing from a conventional oil boiler) If your a home-owner in Northern Ireland you can now get a grant of £2500 for your installation, and future payments under the RHI. This means that normal payback period for this wood pellet boiler is  around 7 years

Wood Pellet Fuel Usage: A recent installation of a Compact 18Kw wood pellet boiler in an a fairy isolated house used 4-5 tonnes of wood pellets per year


 Grants and Incentives for Wood Pellet Boiler Install, Hilltown, NI / Wood pellet boiler installation grants Northern Ireland

Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), 

Acorn RenewablesLtd is accredited under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), and  many of our domestic renewable heating products  such as the RED365 Compact wood pellet boilers are also MCS accredited.This accreditation means that wood pellet boiler  installations  in Northern Ireland,  qualify for the current Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP),  of £2500 per installation.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI): Plus you can  also earn money from your wood pellet heating system each year with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which we hope will be introduced soon.