Wood Pellet Boiler Installation, Newry, Co.Down, Northern Ireland

Wood pellet Stove Installation, Newry

Wood pellet Boiler Installation, Newry, Co.Down, Northern Ireland.  The client wanted to reduce the heating bills of their existing house in Newry, So they decided to update their oil fired central heating system,  with a wood pellet boiler.  The client installed a MCZ Musa 15kw wood pellet boiler .  Due to the stylish Italian design, the client chose to install the wood pellet stove in the living room, where they can easily top up the wood pellet stove with bagged wood pellets. 


Technologies Used in Wood Pellet Boiler Installation, Newry

“Musa” MCZ  Wood Pellet Stove Musa wood pellet stove, manufactured by mcz is a versatile and attractive wood pellet boiler, which provide space heating and hot water for radiators.  The Musa mcz wood pellet stove is designed with a highly energy efficient performance. Designed specifically to be on view (not hidden away in a plant room) the look and performance makes this Mcz Wood pellet boiler a design statement and a practical and sustainable way to heat your home. The painted steel structure; firebox in Alutec®, cast iron grate, top, sides and front panel in ceramic come in a selection of attractive colours.

Rapid response Thanks to low thermal inertia, Mcz Hydro wood pellet stoves, once on, are able to heat domestic radiators in just a few minutes. Thanks to a large hopper, Hydro stoves have outstanding run times, even during prolonged daily use.

Super-efficient About 90% the stove’s heat is transferred to the water guaranteeing excellent performance for domestic radiators. This is down to a specific configuration within the wood pellet boiler, which, unlike traditional products, has vertical pipe units and internal turbulators which guarantee the very highest heating performance by optimising heat exchange.


Financial Information  for Wood Pellet Boiler Installation, Newry

Wood Pellet Fuel Costs: The client has a semi-detached houses with an total floor area of 175m2, and an energy use of 200 kwh/m2 per year, and has a current energy performance certificate rating of 61.  It has been estimated that the client will require 4.7 tonn of wood pellets annually to heat and provide hot water for their home.  Wood pellets are an ideal fuel for homes in Ireland and Northern Ireland as they are easily available to purchase in 12kg bags from your local store or hardware merchant.  A 12 KG bag of pellets costs around £2.6O (including vat)  Therefore it is estimated that their annual heating bill is £1,019.20,or an average £ 85 per month.

Grants and Incentives for Wood Pellet Boiler Installation, Newry, Co.Down, Northern Ireland

 Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP), Acorn Renewables Ltd is accredited under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), and  many of our domestic renewable heating products  such as the RED365 Compact wood pellet boilers are also MCS accredited. This accreditation means that wood pellet boiler  installations  in Northern Ireland,  via NuTech Renewables Ltd qualify for the current Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP),  of £2500 per installation.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)Plus you can  also earn money from your wood pellet heating system each year with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)